Tyre Hotel

Even garages often don’t store their customers’ tyres and wheels on their own premises. Our five tyre hotels offer storage space for 300,000 tyres and wheels. And with our pick-up and return service, we also help our business partners work even more productively.
mobilog Tyre Hotel

Our most important services at a glance

Twice a year, many garages are faced with the same question: where to store all the tyres and wheels? With its five tyre hotels, mobilog offers a professional yet simple solution. We take care of all the handling for you – from pick-up and return to proper storage, wheel balancing and wheel cleaning services. Your benefit: saving space and time that you can use to serve your customers. Wheel storage with us is a well-rounded service.



Order today, get it tomorrow

Almost a million tyre and wheel transports a year speak for themselves: our pick-up and return service is highly reliable even at peak times. Our five tyre hotels are located all around Switzerland, ensuring quick service at all times. If you order your wheels by 12 noon, you will have them by the next day.


Perfect storage conditions

Our tyre hotels offer ideal conditions. With no direct sunlight and optimal temperatures, the tyres maintain their traction. And in addition to the pick-up and return service, we also offer wheel balancing and wheel-appropriate cleaning. All in all, a well-rounded experience.


Unique identification

Our tyre hotels store up to 300,000 wheels and tyres. To ensure no mix-ups, we give the tyres an individual number to be stored. The affixed barcodes make each tyre uniquely identifiable. The result: we have not had a single misplaced tyre for years.


mobilog tyre hotel
mobilog räderhotel
mobilog tyre hotel

Do you have questions?

We are happy to advise you – from professional storage and attractive additional services to transport of tyres and wheels.